The days are gone of waiting for their favorite film or show to be broadcast. The arrival of Netflix allows us to stream our favorite shows our way at any time, anywhere, using any device. The simple access to many films, shows, documentaries and much more keeps us hooked on this video streaming service for long hours.

As people become hooked on online and video streaming, companies are going the extra step to build an application that can stream video and stand out. If you're among those, you'll learn everything you need to be aware of to create an app similar to Netflix and Twitch.

The VoD or streaming on-demand video application has elevated the entertainment experience to the point that it is impossible to think of an entire day without watching some episodes of our most loved programs on Netflix. It has introduced new kinds of content in diverse genres, offering us an experience of different ideas, perspectives and times.

The result is that it was not just successful in making its presence felt in more than 190 countries, receiving 148 million paid subscribers and driving 26.6 percent of all streamed video traffic. Still, it also attracted the attention of entrepreneurs planning to venture into this market.

Here are a few key statistics about Netflix:

  • As of 18 April 2022, Netflix achieved a 4.5/5-star rating and has more than one billion downloads on the Google Play Store.
  • However, the app has earned a 3.9/5-star review from 24.8K ratings and is used by 21 million iPhone users daily.
  • The growth of around 24 million users The total number of streaming video services similar to Netflix application users will reach 209 million by 2021.
  • USA, America and Canada have been the 2 largest producing countries for the Netflix app. They have a percentage of around 35% of the total subscribers. Netflix's next most popular regions are Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.
  • Netflix is downloaded across iOS and Android platforms around 16.4 million times daily.
  • The COVID pandemic has expanded the potential of Netflix, like Android video streaming applications. Between 2019 and 2021, it added more than 100 million new users.
  • On the revenue front, with an improvement of 24 percent 24%, the Netflix music streaming app made around $25 billion in 2020. For the initial two quarters of 2021, the app raked in $14.5 billion in revenue.

These numbers could help answer questions about cloning the top video streaming application like Netflix. Also, Netflix-like video streaming app development has wide potential soon.

Must-Have Features to Include in Video Streaming App Like Netflix or Twitch

Let's look at the more advanced features that need to be considered by the chosen entertainment app development firm to be included in your app for streaming video:


You can offer this feature to your users to share their favorite video or its link to their friends on other platforms such as Facebook and Whatsapp. So they can have fun watching videos with their buddies too.

User’s Registration

Suppose a subscriber wishes to gain access to the video streaming solution. They must provide their name, date of birth, address and other basic information. Like we do in any other video streaming application such as Twitch. Users who download the app later can view the content and other functions of the application.

Payment Gateway

It is time for users to pay to receive the subscription. At first, you could also not use this feature, but once your app gets popular, make sure that this feature is activated and request an amount for subscriptions from users. This feature allows the app's creator to collect the payment from users. Users pay a monthly fee for access to the application. This is the method of monetization of all video streaming apps.

Subscription Plan Purchase

To make money through a similar app to Netflix, it is necessary to set up a feature that lets users select and buy the subscription plan they want. You can select monthly, annual or per pay-per-view plans and restrict the content you offer according to the subscription plan.

Multi-language Support

The audience is not restricted to a particular geo-location and from any place a user can access your application. This benefits businesses, so your app should have multiple languages to overcome language barriers.

Live Video Streaming

OTT platforms enable the streaming of content in real time through the Internet. This feature will be implemented and allow live streaming of all the videos.

Most importantly, every created content can be streamed live and immediately. This is among the most effective ways to connect with viewers quickly.

Push Notifications

Engagement among users could be increased through the use of this feature. Users can receive updates about the arrival of new shows, seasons or episodes. Additionally, let them be aware of subscription plans that are renewing or canceling notifications.

Ratings & Reviews

It is the main function where users can add ratings and reviews to the content they've seen. Others can also view the feedback to assist them in deciding which content to view next.

Multiple Device Support

Today, users prefer watching content whenever they feel comfortable. For this reason, it is essential to ensure that your app works for the majority of devices as well as with all operating systems. Instead of focusing on the development of native applications, you could select cross-platform app development. This is not just a way to save you money. Still, more users will be able to access your application today.

Search Content

As a platform with hundreds of videos, it is essential to think about the option of filtering and searching.

With this feature, viewers can search for their preferred films and shows by various criteria, such as genre, language, country of production, etc.


A watchlist is another of the main options to consider when you create an application for video or audio streaming.

This is where users can add shows they want to catch in the future. It reduces their effort to find the same show or series repeatedly. It also improves the app's user retention rate.

The Key Takeaway

The bottom line is that it's right to say that performance is the most important factor. It is the determining factor in every successful online video streaming platform, and there isn't a way around it. So, suppose you are looking to launch an app similar to Netflix. In that case, it is essential to make sure you take care when making a high-quality application that can attract worldwide users.

It is no doubt that Netflix has proved to be the most revolutionary game changer in the field of video-on-demand and has opened up endless possibilities for streaming online. You can also develop your video streaming application, like Netflix or Twitch, by hiring an on-demand application development company.